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Despite the fact that being depressed or being in a state of depression feels like one of the most loneliest experiences out there, depression touches a huge number of individuals on a day to day basis. The World Health Organisation estimates that over one hundred and twenty million people suffer with this illness, and with up to twenty percent of people showing symptoms of depression at any one time, this proves that you are not alone.

There are a staggering amount of people across the globe who suffer, and battle, various degrees of depression at one stage or another in their lives however, statistics show that depression itself is much more commonplace in today’s society, and nobody is exempt.#]

Feeling Depressed in 2020 – A Wider Recognition

We often ask ourselves why depression is more common nowadays than it used to be back in, say, the 1940s, and the most prevailing feature is possibly an acceptance of the condition. What with the creativity of social media, particularly over the last decade, there has been a wider acknowledgement of depression, and as such, the word ‘depression’ itself has much less of a stigma attached to it.

This wider recognition has also contributed to a greater understanding of depression, and the levels of depression a person may suffer; no longer is it an illness which is kept under wraps, rather than now, it is a condition which is discussed openly within families, communities, even on your favourite daytime television programmes and soap operas.

Secondly to this stronger affirmation, we have to take a look at society as a whole. With statistics suggesting that ten times more people suffer with major depression than they did some sixty years ago, and in particular, young adults, we cannot ignore the social factors behind the constant increase in diagnoses. This increase can of course be attributed to more people going to their doctor to discuss their feelings and symptoms however, it is the case that our emotional needs are perpetually demanding to be met.

As human beings we have emotional needs, and those who are depressed are usually not getting their emotional needs met and are not receiving the emotional support needed to thrive and prosper. We seem to be living in a society today where social acceptance plays a major role in our every day lives, and all to often individuals are basing their own successes on the successes of those around them. These comparisons, without doubt, can make any character feel as though they are not good enough, that everyone else is better than them, and so on.

While there are a number of factors that can cause depression, such as a bereavement, divorce, abuse, redundancy, or money worries, there are a number of triggers that can often combine to spark the symptoms of depression, and these factors have troubled individuals since the beginning of time.

It has often been said that society breeds depression, and the expectations placed upon us at a very early age is a major contributory factor . Growing on from that, the expectations we place on ourselves through our teenage years and into adulthood, as well as what society deems ‘successful’ is proving to have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves, making us an anxious breed.

For many, depression can be an overwhelming force; it can force us into a corner, force us to retreat, and force us to close ourselves up to the very people who want to care and help us. These days, having a wider recognition of depression has undoubtedly played a huge part in the acceptance of it, and although depression is by no means a modern condition, the triggers are constantly evolving.

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