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We humans are funny creatures.

At some point in our lives we start thinking that our emotions, our thoughts, our actions and what is occurring in our bodies  are a threat or danger to us. Therefore, as these things come along, the mind tenaciously grabs hold of  them and labels them as being good or bad, right or wrong, pleasant or unpleasant and usually does its best to change them or get rid of them.

It’s not those things that are manifesting themselves in us that cause us the difficulties but our labeling or judgement of these phenomenon that get us into “psychological” hot water. Labeling and judging is the opposite of acceptance and as a result causes us to resist, try to change or avoid all the things within us that we wish weren’t there. Which in turn causes us lots of problems and lots of stress.

But how can any part of us be wrong or bad? We are simply part of nature and the natural way things are in this world. How many of us believe that nature itself  is wrong. It would be like saying I don’t like that leaf on that tree over there. Or I wish that cloud would change into a different shape. Or even the way that duck is swimming is just so wrong.  We just don’t do it do we?

But we are constantly judging and criticising ourselves every time we have an emotion or a thought that we don’t like. It’s as if we have forgotten the simple and eternal truth that we are nature and so too is everything that occurs within us.

So whenever you notice that you are having a thought or an emotion that you don’t like today, just notice the “unliking” and as best as you can try to allow that part of nature to just be exactly as it is, in the moment it is occurring. In the same way you allow a flower to bloom, a river to be wet and a bird to sing.

I wish you well,

Alistair Bond





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