Counselling in London with CBT Clinic

Our Team of Counsellors.

When it comes to every day “life” issues like Bereavement, Relationship Issues, Work Place/ Career Issues, short-term Counselling provides a safe and supportive environment to explore and work through the problem.

We have a highly skilful team of Counsellors working at our Clinic in Canary Wharf, London, who have many years experience of working within the NHS and the private sector.

All our Counsellors are fully accredited/ registered with the BACP and UKCP and take pride in the knowledge that the Counselling they provide really helps people and is effective for so many different problems and issues in life.

What is Counselling?

Counselling in Canary Wharf, London takes place in a setting that is both private and confidential and is an active and collaborative process between you and your Counsellor. It is an opportunity for you to think about and explore your difficulties with a professional person who is trained in listening and empathising, helping you to make sense of what is troubling you and to find a way forward. An experience of openness, honesty and trust is created as your relationship with your Counsellor develops and this alone can be extremely healing.

More specifically, our Counsellors will help you explore, discover and gain better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This is a process through which you can become more aware of your habitual patterns and ways of responding and how they are affecting your life. Our Counsellors may sometimes suggest a new approach or way of looking at things, which can lead to the discovery of an increased sense of choice and direction.

Counselling is often an approach that has a focus on the immediate or pressing problem and because of this it is normally short term. Usually you would meet with your Counsellor every week for six to twelve weeks, sometimes on rare occasions it is necessary to be in Counselling for longer.

Find out more about Counselling at our London Clinic.

To find out more information or for any enquiries about Counselling at our London Clinic get in touch with our team today by completing the form on the right side of this page. We also offer CBT Therapy and services for addiction therapy.

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